Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Goodbye Old House, Hello New Dog!

Well I've definitely got some catching up to do. The last few months have been pretty crazy. We decided within like a week that we wanted to move, and what do you know, a week later we are in a new house. (That's Dave for ya!) About a week before that we finally got our little puppy that I surprised Dave with for Christmas. We've also been crazy busy with my school, work, vacation to Costa Rica, Dave moving his dealership to another location, etc! I figured I'd at least update you on two of the topics. For those of you who didn't get to even see our first cute house I've got some pictures for you below. We were there just a short six months but are so happy to be in West Bountiful where we are now. Life is great!
Here are some pictures of the entry way, kitchen, laundry room, bathroom.
Family room, bathrooms, bedroom, Dave's messy shoe room!
That's about it. It was a great little home. I'll have to take pictures of where we are living now. We couldn't be happier. Lets get real however, I probably won't post anything else for another 3 months.

So as I said before, we got our cute little puppy, Saint, the last week of January. Man he is a handful. I always told Dave that I really rather wait to get a dog when we have kids and everything but he just wouldn't have it. I know he would have been crushed on Christmas if I didn't surprise him with one (or at least a card saying coming soon) so I really had no choice.

Here we are at the airport right after picking him up. He was still a bit drugged from his long airplane ride from South Caroline. Is it bad to say that I wish he could still be drugged?? Ha, he's a crazy! The first weekend we got him Dave had to leave out of town so Saint and I had some bonding time. I was madly in love with him! He'd follow me everywhere. I never left him. Those times were good. Sweet little thing...

The pictures below all aren't the most recent but still give you an idea of his crazy personality now. If you look left to right you will see... him stealing my pillow, getting in my foundation and smearing it on his nose, stealing my make up brush, climbing on Dave trying to drive, and finally trying to look all innocent like he's just harmlessly playing with his toy. Don't be fooled. He most likely dropped the toy after the picture was taken and attacked me!

Okay, so the paragraph above seems like I hate him and I really don't. I love him to death and would die if anything ever happened to him. But he is A TON OF WORK! He's funny, he acts so good for Dave and then just picks on me nonstop. I really hope this isn't a sign of how our kids are going to be because I'm in for a real treat if so!
Oh one more thing, he is really smart. (Besides at potty training....) But Dave taught him in literally like 3 minutes how to sit. He does it every time and he's only 3 months old. Dave also taught him how to shake. You say shake after he's sitting and he'll hold his paw out for you. It's very cute. See I do love him. He's a good time! Well farewell for now!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Family Pictures

I realize I've done exactly what I was afraid of doing. I started a blog and got all excited about it, thinking I'd update it all the time! And then realized... my life isn't that exciting and blogging can be sort of a chore. But once it's written it's totally worth it. So back on the blog wagon I go. Wow I'm a nerd! Anyways, Dave is driving home from Vegas right now so I'll take advantage of this time and post our cute family pictures we got in the mail just yesterday! I'm actually pretty pleased with how they turned out. I must admit, the day they were taken I was a bit of a drama queen. Poor Dave came home to pick me up and I threw a tantrum like a 13 year old girl. I said my hair was hideous and I didn't feel good and would look ugly in all the pictures. You may be asking yourself, "Why is she sharing this with everyone? That's embarrassing." It's so it will embarrass me enough that if there's a chance that a horrible mood swing takes over me again, I will remember this and how much I make things seem worse then they really are when in that state of mind. Because lets get real, the pictures aren't half bad.
Take a looksy.

The whole family.

Alicia, Ryan, & Presley

Michelle, Aaron, Isabel

Lisa and the grand-babies!

Taylor & Jodi

If you don't know us, then you're a creep and probably shouldn't be reading my blog.
This one makes me giggle. Dave's eyes kinda look like, "She's mine and I'm evil!" Yep that's what comes to mind when I look below.


Adorable Presley

Precious Isabel

Aaron and Michelle again

Alicia and Ryan once more

Jodi, Taylor & soon to be baby boy!

My thought, "Oh Dave, how handsome you are!"

There is nothing funny about this one. (Get it? We're serious..)

Beautiful Lisa!
Oh what are the odds. Our engagements were by trains so we couldn't pass this up.
And finally, me so cold I'm honestly about to cry.
Well there you have it folks. There are just a few of the pictures that we received. Looking at them sure makes me miss everyone now that Christmas is over and everyone is back to their homes. I'm so excited for Costa Rica and to spend more time with the Sparks again. What a great family I've married into!

Friday, December 31, 2010

Thanks a lot sir!

If you know me then you know I do not like to drive in the snow. I'm the person in the right lane going about 30 miles under the speed limit and tapping their breaks every few seconds just to make sure I'm not sliding. I've had a few too many times scaring myself to death to take any chances by driving fast when the roads are icey. Well last weekwas just one of those days. I was driving awfully carefully to my dear old husbands dealership to take some picture of my cute little car so we could sale it and getting something else for me to drive. (Preferably all wheel drive.) But it seems as though the culprit above had different plans for me. He's the man in the orange who turned and looked right at me as I snapped my picture, then of course I ducked like a five year old. Now you can see in the picture below the huge plow that he decided to try and kill me with. That fool... I was driving south on the highway just before Cherry Hill when out of no where I see a huge plow start pulling out in front of me. However, he's not going south (the same direction as me) He's decided to crawl out like a stinking turtle heading west. Meaning my car will crash right into the side of his monster of a machine. (The guy was actually heading north but decided to make a U turn and head back south. He was stopped in the median right before the cement barrier started and thought it'd be a good idea to pull out in front of me.) Well I'd driven that road earlier that morning and knew how slick it was so I was really nervous and tried slowing down knowing that unless he moved quick there was no way I wouldn't hit him. I'll spare you the boring details but long story short, after me swerving from the left to the right and back to the left lane, I managed to miss the back corner of his plow by what honestly seemed like inches. Too bad that by then my car was completely out of control. I was sliding everywhere and then saw the cement barrier. The front of my car slammed into it so unbelievably hard. I've never been jolted so strongly before. After it hit, my car spun around at least once, then I felt it hit back into the wall again, and spin around about two more times. At least that's what the witnesses said. I remember tensing up my face as I was going getting ready for the airbag to come out (which is actually quite surprising that it didn't with the damage done.) and also when I stopped horizontal through the two lanes thinking to myself just get ready for a car to come and T Bone me. Luckily that did not happen either. I managed the what felt like drag the bottom of my car across the road to the side of the lanes and then proceed to shake uncontrollably and cry until a nice little couple came and got me.

Doesn't even look like anything is wrong!
Here's Lindsey and my mom kindly waiting in the back of Dave's truck with me. I, of course, called Dave first. Before he got there I was sitting in the passenger seat of the couples car who came and got me. The lady put me in the car and left and I didn't realize I wasn't the only one in there. I was crying hysterically and talking to Dave on the phone when I felt an old hand start stroking my shoulder. I was shocked. I got off the phone to turn around and see this old lady and two little kids in car seats just looking at me with wide eyes. Poor things! I must have scared them to death.
Here's the burn from my seatbelt. That looks real weak... Before that my whole neck was like welted and even now it looks worse because it's all scabby.

Frame and everything cracked and pushed back.

Goodbye cute little car!

Then insurance company was debating whether to total it or not. I know, it doesn't look too bad but it actually got pretty beat up. Dave finally realized just how hard I hit the wall after looking at it.

The good news is we got a call from our insurance company yesterday and the state has decided to take blame for it so there insurance will be paying for it and also paying for a rental car for me until it gets fixed. Pretty great! Now I won't have to switch cars every day with one at Dave's dealership. Right now I've got the privelege of driving an old farm truck. She's a beaut.

Pretty much, the moral of this story is you're all lucky I'm still here ;)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Day with the Sparks

Yesterday we had a fun time with the Sparks. We started off meeting everyone for family pictures that afternoon. I was having fun until it became FREEZING cold. I do not mix well with the cold. I'm pretty sure the pictures will come out with my hair slick to my head, snot runing down my nose, eyes watering, and cheeks and tip of my nose bright red. Those should be real keepers! haha Can't wait to see them.. not!

After pictures we all went to use our gift cards that Dave's mother gave each family for Christmas. She gave us a gift card to Brick Oven Pizza and then Boondocks to all go play afterwards. Unfortunately, Brick Oven had about a 2 hour wait so we scratched that idea and hit up good old Cafe Rio instead. I was real excited because I love that place but Dave hates it so we never get to go there. After downing my chicken salad is when the real fun began. None of Dave's family had ever been to Boondocks here so we had to show them the ropes. Of course, the first thing we went to was the big stuffed animal crane game. I can honestly say that in the year and a half that I have known Dave he has easily spent over a hundred dollars on that ridiculous game. Have I ever seen him win? Negative.

Here he is trying his little hardest to win the game that we swore was impossible.

And another angle...
But wait! I finally said to him, "Do you realize that I have never even played this game before? Not once have I ever even tried!" He couldn't believe it. It took some convincing but he decided he'd give me just one shot.

But just one shot was all I needed. Low and behold... I won! His reaction was priceless. I don't think he has ever been mad at me before but at that moment I believe he truly was. I offered him my stuffed animal (Pokemon) but he wouldn't take it. Poor sport!

I know this is an awful picture, but we introduced them to the jump rope game and every single one of us sucked! Except for Ryan. He got jackpot. 150 tickets baby!

Here's Alicia getting her groove on.

And everyone observing....
After our fun in the arcade we decided to bowl. I've decided I suck at bowling, but that's alright. It was still fun! Especially when Alicia cashed in her tickets to get us all sweet glasses. We looked real cool.
What a cute family!
(Lisa, Ryan, Alicia, Me, Dave, "Pregnant" Aaron, Pregnat Michelle, Taylor, Pregnant Jodi, and Claudia)
Thanks Lisa for the fun night! We loved it :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!
First things first. I'm still very new at this blog thing so uploading all my pictures in the correct order just didn't happen for me this time. Next post will be better! Anywho, this year was Dave and I's first Christmas together (well at least married). It was by far my best Christmas ever. The whole weekend was filled with fun. Christmas Eve morning we woke up and decided to go our seperate ways to finish up any last minute thing that we needed to take care of. We are both little procrastinators, but we got it done by Christmas and that's all that matters! That afternoon we met up and went and got a couples massage at Beyond Spa in Layton. We went with our friends Kenny and Linley. I think we are all addicted. We go as often as we can. Every time we go either Dave or Kenny tells the workers, "Lets switch it up this time and mix up the couples." Or "Could you fit four tables in the same room?" I'm sure the workers are thinking, "Yeah, it was funny the first couple times you said it." haha
Later that night Dave and I headed over to the Spark's home for a delicious German dinner. I always think that it's a good thing Dave married me and not someone like Lindsey because I'll eat anything and I'm afraid Lindsey would starve there. The food is extremely good though and I love getting to try new things that I've never heard of before. After dinner we whipped out the games and had a blast laughing our heads off with this telephone picture game Dave's brother, Taylor, introduced to us. Seriously if you want a fun game to play with a group of people let me know and I'll explain. All you need are pens and paper and you will love it. After games we went to bed (still at his mom's house) to wake up to a giant blown up Santa in the living room. We opened presents and had breakfast and then it was time for Dave and I to rush home and open ours..... :)
However I posted the pictures incorrectly so here's a couple shots at grandma and grandpas that afternoon. Haha bare with me.
I really need to start taking more pictures because I have none of us so I'm quite pleased with this one.

Aunt Georgia, Dad (being weird), Cortney
and Lizzy Lou Hoo

Okay back to me and Dave opening presents together. I got him a puppy!!!! I have never been more excited to give a gift in my entire life. That's because no one has ever wanted something so badly before and I totally tricked him into thinking that there was no way in heck that we would be getting one. I recorded a video of him opening how I told him we will be getting it, but I can't get the video on here for some reason so check out my wall on facebook and you will see his reaction. It is very cute.

The puppy was born December 1st and lives clear out in South Carolina so it's not here yet. This is just a picture of the kind of dog we will be getting very soon. It flies out January 21st. I'm not so sure I'm ready for this....

That's the size it will be full grown. That's right, it gets up to 140 pounds. The sucker is going to outweigh me. Man i'm nervous! It's called a Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. This should be interesting, seeing as how I've never had a big dog before. Go big or go home though right?

Here's my absolute favorite gift. He got me really nice Sephora make up. I'm really really excited about it. I guess no more shopping at Walmart for make up anymore :) He also got me a consultation to be taught how to apply the make up. Haha I always joke that I think I was supposed to be a boy because I have no idea how to curl my hair or put on make up. This should be good for me! He also got me much more. Spoiled me rotten!

Here's a remote control plane that I got him. Man does he love it. Sorta funny that my 8 and 12 year old nephews got the same toy.... He's like a little kid, but he plays with it constantly. I woke up this morning with him trying to land it on my head. Dork!

Now here is the freak in my coming out. Or I could say the mom in me. (Love you mom!) I saw at Big 5 a 10 pound vest that you can wear to work out in. I told Dave that I totally wanted it to do body step in and lunges and stuff. Don't worry I will never wear it to the gym or out of the house for that matter, but it's sorta great to wear around here even as I'm cleaning the house. I mean burn off a few extra calories? Why not!

Dave always wants me to rub his feet, but for those of you who know Dave you know his feet can get pretty dang stinky. (Sorry babe!) So I got him a little foot soaker to hopefully delude the smell a tiny bit before I get the pleasure of rubbing them.
So after we opened our gifts we went to Grandma and Grandpa Bennett's like mentioned above. We had lunch and opened presents there with all the cousins. I don't think it would feel like Christmas if we ever didn't do that. We've gone over there since I was born I believe. Later that night just our immediate family went to Cortney and Rodger's for dinner, presents, and games. Cortney and Rodger are always so great to let us come over on holidays to have a little party with the close family. They are great little hosts!

Here is mom opening the present from us. We got her a detail at Dave's dealership. She says how she's wanted one forever and her car sure does need it! haha Just kidding mother. There are just a few stains on the seats from water spilling or something that need to be taken care of. We also got her these nice slippers at Brookstone because her feet are always freezing and she's had the same gross ones for about 5 years!

Here are Cort and Rodg with cute little Sarah Sue!

Family Picture with Mom.

Family Picture with Dad. haha
Well we had a marvelous Christmas and were spoiled by friends and family. Thanks to everyone for celebrating it with us. We love you all and have loved all the extra time getting to be with you. Sorry to the Sparks for not taking any pictures when we were together. Next year for sure!